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Where to Get Your Remote Garage Door Opener Fixed

Nobody would choose a television that has to be operated without a remote control and the same can be said for a garage door. Once you enjoy the convenience of opening and closing your door with minimal effort, it is hard to go back. This is why it is even more frustrating to find out that your remote garage door opener has stopped working.

No matter how many times you press the button, you have to finally resign yourself to opening the door manually. If this scene sounds familiar, do not worry, your local garage door specialist can help.

Getting a Diagnosis

Your remote control is a radio transmitter that sends a code to the receiver to operate your garage door. There are a few things that could go wrong with the remote and one of the most common ones is that the batteries have stopped working. This is an easy fix and all you have to do is take the old batteries to the store with you and get new ones.

It is always better to pay a little bit more for batteries that will save you the trouble of having to replace them constantly.

If new batteries are not doing it, check that the battery compartment of your remote garage door opener is in good condition. If the battery contacts are dirty or wet, they would need to be cleaned or dried before you can put the batteries back in.

If you have more than one garage door opener in the house, check if the other ones work. If none of them do, this is not a battery issue.

It could be that an object is blocking the signal between the receiver and the remote. If that is not the case, you need to consult a technician.

A Gold Coast garage door specialist will be able to reset the remote and check that the receiver is working properly.

Call us today if you need emergency repairs or for garage door servicing. We cover all suburbs on the Gold Coast.

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