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Where to Fix My Automatic Garage Door?

If you’re having a problem with your automatic garage doors, we at Gold Coast Door Centre are just a phone call away.

The sudden worry a broken door, or even moving part, can cause for homeowners and businesses alike.

We are an established Gold Coast family business.

We have more than 20 years’ experience in repairs to automatic garage doors in our region.

Whatever the size of your problem, our friendly team of experts will find it and fix it quickly.

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Where Do I Get My Garage Doors Fixed on the Gold Coast?

At Gold Coast Door Centre, we know how much of a problem it is when your garage door stops working properly.

This may be an unexpected sound when in use, or an uneven opening or closing motion.

Of course, the worst-case scenario is when your door will not open or close at all.

Whatever the extent of the problem, we offer fast, efficient and friendly garage door repairs all year round.

With more than 25 years’ experience fitting and maintaining garage doors on the Gold Coast, we are here to help with all garage door issues.

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Can Your Garage Door Opener Overheat?

Gold Coast residents enjoy fantastic weather throughout the year.

Most people know how to keep their home cool and comfortable but tend to forget about their garage doors.

The garage door is a prominent feature in any home, but it is often overlooked when it comes to maintenance. You need to pay special attention to the door during the hottest months and ensure that the high temperatures do not affect its performance.

Looking After Your Door in Summer

It is possible for a remote garage door opener to overheat.

Unlike commercial models, residential garage door openers have not been designed to be opened multiple times consecutively.

Your garage door opener has an automatic thermal overload in the motor. If the door is operated excessively in a short period of time, the thermal overload will turn off the motor. This will give the motor enough time to cool down before it resets again.

High temperatures can affect the thermal overload and cause the motor to overheat after closing and opening the doors a few times in a 15-minute period. In most cases, the remote garage door opener will operate normally but sometimes you will need to call your technician.

To avoid any overheating problems, you should do any maintenance work early in the morning or late in the day. Do not overwork your door and make sure that its servicing is up to date.

Signs of Trouble

If you see smoke coming from the garage door opener, it means that the motor starting capacitor has overheated. In this case, you will need to unplug the garage door opener and operate the door manually. A technician will need to inspect the door and check that other components have not been affected.

We strongly recommend not using the garage door opener until a professional has inspected the system and carried out any necessary repairs.

If you are having problems with your remote garage door opener, let our team at Gold Coast Door Centre help you.

We have an outstanding reputation on the Gold Coast for high quality installation, repairs and servicing of automatic garage doors. Our experienced technicians can work with domestic and commercial garage doors. Call us today and make an appointment.


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Is Your Automatic Garage Door Working Properly?

There is no question that automatic garage doors make your life much easier.

They are a very convenient system to have during winter or when there is heavy rain.

They do a lot for you on a daily basis, but it is easy to forget about them until they start failing.

It is important to do a thorough inspection at least once a year to check that everything is working as it should.

Common Signs of Trouble

A garage door will be opened and closed more than a thousand times throughout the year, which gives the mechanism plenty of chances to get damaged.

The door has different movable parts and they are all subject to wear and tear, so it is only natural that something is bound to happen.

However, regular servicing will make it easier for you to repair your automatic garage door.

A technician will check that everything is in good condition and let you know if there are any problems that need to be taken care of.

If that is the case, they should give you a quote before starting any work.

Strange noises or halting motions are clear indications that something is not right. You might need to lubricate the movable parts.

You can oil your door on your own but always following the recommendations of the manufacturer and installer.

They will be able to tell you what type of lubricant to use to achieve the best results.

If that does not help, the you need to call a technician to test and repair the automatic garage door.

Do not attempt to repair it on your own. You can do a visual inspection and point out your findings to the technician but trying to repair it could make it worse.

Remember that qualified technicians undergo training to be able to work with the mechanism safely.

Call us today if you need emergency repairs or for garage door servicing. We cover all suburbs on the Gold Coast.

To assist you in the event your garage door opener is lost or stolen, we have provided this article as a download for future reference, you can download a PDF version of the article here: What should you do if you lose your remote garage door opener?

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What should you do if you lose your remote garage door opener?

Garage door openers can be lost in a variety of different ways, from simply being mislaid to being stolen out of the vehicle or even deliberately taken by thieves targeting your home.

Losing the active remote garage door opener means that you are vulnerable, because anyone could open the garage doors and come into your property.

The first thing that you should do is unplug the receiver system for your door, and make arrangements to get a brand-new one.

Finding the details you need The first step in replacing your garage door opener is to look at the information that you still have.

Just like with a TV remote control, you can program your new garage door remote to control your own garage.

Start by looking at the garage door itself.

On the receiver unit attached to the garage door, there should be a series of details about the remote control system, including:

 Manufacturer name
 model name
 model number

These details can often be easily replaced by googling the model number and the manufacturers details.

However, sometimes the manufacturer is no longer operating, or the model is no longer being made.

In this case, you will have to look at other options.

Other ways to replace your remote You will need to take other steps in order to find a new garage door opener.

 You might try a universal garage door remote. This is believed to be able to work with any other type of remote control system.
 Buy a remote control of the same type as your old model.
 Ask a locksmith for assistance. They will be able to assist you by resetting the code in the remote, and can also open your garage door for you.
 Find a lock switch. This switch will allow you to buy a new garage door opener that responds to your garage door receiver. You might even be able to upgrade your old system to get advanced features.

Programming your new garage door remote

If you decide to purchase a new garage door remote, you need to make sure that the remote you buy offers the same programming system as the previous remote garage door opener.

For example, most modern remote controls have a LEARN/Smart button system that allows you to sync the remote and the receiver together.

Older models may need to be operated by a professional garage door installer.

Call us today if you need emergency repairs or for garage door servicing. We cover all suburbs on the Gold Coast.

To assist you in the event your garage door opener is lost or stolen, we have provided this article as a download for future reference, you can download a PDF version of the article here: What should you do if you lose your remote garage door opener?

You might also find our previous article of interest: Where To Get Your Remote Garage Door Opener Fixed     

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Where to Get Your Remote Garage Door Opener Fixed

Nobody would choose a television that has to be operated without a remote control and the same can be said for a garage door. Once you enjoy the convenience of opening and closing your door with minimal effort, it is hard to go back. This is why it is even more frustrating to find out that your remote garage door opener has stopped working.

No matter how many times you press the button, you have to finally resign yourself to opening the door manually. If this scene sounds familiar, do not worry, your local garage door specialist can help.

Getting a Diagnosis

Your remote control is a radio transmitter that sends a code to the receiver to operate your garage door. There are a few things that could go wrong with the remote and one of the most common ones is that the batteries have stopped working. This is an easy fix and all you have to do is take the old batteries to the store with you and get new ones.

It is always better to pay a little bit more for batteries that will save you the trouble of having to replace them constantly.

If new batteries are not doing it, check that the battery compartment of your remote garage door opener is in good condition. If the battery contacts are dirty or wet, they would need to be cleaned or dried before you can put the batteries back in.

If you have more than one garage door opener in the house, check if the other ones work. If none of them do, this is not a battery issue.

It could be that an object is blocking the signal between the receiver and the remote. If that is not the case, you need to consult a technician.

A Gold Coast garage door specialist will be able to reset the remote and check that the receiver is working properly.

Call us today if you need emergency repairs or for garage door servicing. We cover all suburbs on the Gold Coast.

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Garage Door Repairs

Where to go on the Gold Coast with Garage Door Repairs

If your garage door has stopped working, then you may need to start looking for someone to help you repair it. If you are wondering where to go on the Gold Coast with your garage door repairs,
then you need to think about what services you need, and what team is best to provide repairs.

Choosing the perfect door repair company can make it much easier to get your repairs done quickly and correctly, and will mean that your garage door is soon working again, without you having to pay a lot of money, or perform the repairs yourself.

Looking for a repair company

The first place to start any search for a repair company is by looking online. Most companies will have some kind of website which you can use to find out more about their services, read
testimonials from other customers, and make contact with them. You may also find that some businesses will have social media accounts, a quick way to assess the company and decide whether
they are suitable for your needs.

In addition to looking for companies directly, you may also benefit from talking to friends and colleagues about repairs on their garage doors. If someone has recently had a good experience with a repair team, then you may feel more confident about approaching that company to do your garage door repairs. Referrals can also help you to get a feel for the company, so that you know what to expect from the business.

Hiring garage door repair companies

When you have a short list of repair companies that might be able to help you, then you need to start narrowing down the field. When you are thinking about where to go on the Gold Coast with
garage door repairs, proximity can be a big positive. You don’t want to employ a team to drive for hours before they arrive at your door, since they might bill you for this time. Having someone close by can also be a good way to ensure that you are able to receive help quickly when you need it.

However, you should always prioritise good service, and a business which has positive reviews, plus regular work, can be the most likely garage door repair company to meet all of your needs, and help you to get your garage door working correctly.

Call us today for a Free Measure & Quote. We cover all suburbs on the Gold Coast.

You can download a copy of Where to go for Garage Door Repairs for future reference.

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Where to Buy the Best Roller Doors on the Gold Coast

Choosing a garage door is not an easy decision. After all, this will be a prominent feature in your façade for many years. The right door for your property will combine functionality and style. Not to mention that it should also offer durability and be made to withstand harsh weather, especially if you live in areas prone to high winds. You will need to do your own research but finding a dedicated company to do the installation will make the process much more straight-forward.

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