Garage Door Safety Tips

When was the last time you had a garage door service on the Gold Coast?

It’s easy to overlook servicing garage doors. A garage door—especially an automated one—is a convenience of modern life. Even if it’s a door that needs to be opened manually, it flies in the face of convenience to bring out the spanners and screwdrivers.

Convenience aside, garage doors can present many possible dangers to you and your family, and even your pets.


Recently, an inquest in England heard about witnesses trying unsuccessfully to save 40-year-old social worker, Heidi Chalkley. Ms Chalkley was crushed to death by the metal rollers of an automatic door at the entrance of the garage under a block of flats.

Thankfully, incidents such as this are very rare. But we can see from this tragic incident that electronic motors are understandably powerful when they are expected to provide property security and durability.

Garage doors should be regarded in the same light as any other heavy-duty machinery or appliance. Proper operation and regular maintenance is recommended.

Don’t wait for an incident to occur or until you can’t open your garage. Ordering a garage door service on the Gold Coast should be scheduled at least twice a year.


  1. Stand Clear

    • When the door is opening or closing, keep yourself and other people clear until the operation is completed.
    • Allow space for the door to operate. A tilt-door will swing outwards at the base. Park too close and your vehicle could be damaged.
    • Whether leaving or entering a garage, don’t be tempted to drive on through trying to beat the door closing. Doors can move faster than you might imagine.


  2. Child Care

    • Be mindful about where you leave your garage door remote. Mount the controls high enough on the wall to keep them away from tiny fingers.
    • Warn others, especially children, to keep away from moving mechanical parts and to wait until they’ve stopped moving.


  3. Be Watchful
    • Keep an eye on your surroundings when the door is moving.
    • Make sure people or pets do not try to enter or leave the garage when the door is in operation.


  4. Accidental Damage

    • If your garage door has had an impact, it’s essential to get it checked, even when no visible signs of damage are evident.


  5. Schedule a Garage Door Service on the Gold Coast

    • Avoid attempting any repairs yourself unless you are a trained technician. Tensioned cables and springs, as well as electrical components, can inflict serious injury and even death.
    • Have your garage door inspected and maintained by a professional technician at least twice annually.

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Benefits of an Automatic Garage Door

12 Benefits of an Automatic Garage Door

If you ‘re looking for new garage doors or even considering having automatic garage doors fitted on the Gold Coast, you may not be fully aware of the full benefits automation will bring to your garage doors.

Here are 12 benefits of an automatic garage door.

Easy access for all

Imagine being able to drive your car straight into your garage at the touch of a button!

The last thing people want to do during any adverse weather conditions, such as heavy wind or rain, is to get out of their car, find the right key and potentially struggle to open the door, especially if it has been maintained well.

Automatic garage doors allow you to open the door from the comfort of your vehicle allowing you to enter your house without getting wet.

Security and Safety

Automatic garage doors on the Gold Coast allow you to transition from your vehicle to the security of your home late at night.

This is a huge security benefit for anyone arriving or leaving home during the dark.

For added security it is important to ensure you do not leave your garage door remote on display in your vehicle.

Variety of styles

Manufacturers of garage doors have worked tirelessly on the innovation and improvement of their products, so no longer do you have to sacrifice your desired design to get the automated garage door you want. With a lot of garages featuring prominently across residential and commercial facades, you now have a wide range of styles and designs that will either keep or improve the visual impact of your property.


Choose a brand new automatic garage door or if you want to keep the style and design of door you currently have then why not have the automation of your door retro-fitted. This means you are able to keep the character of your home but with the huge benefit of garage door automation.

What do I do next?

If you want to fit an automatic garage door on the Gold Coast, call our team on (07) 5535 5100.

We offer a free measure and quote service in all suburbs of the Gold Coast area.

Whether you’re looking for a roller door, sectional door, speciality door or even a garage door for commercial premises, speak to the Gold Coast Door Centre today!

We have more than 20 years’ experience and will work with you to provide you with the right garage door for your property and needs.

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12 Benefits of an Automatic Garage Door

  1. Easy Access – opening the garage door from the comfort of your vehicle
  2. Improved Security – transition from your vehicle to the security of your home late at night.
  3. Ensure Safety – For added security it is important to ensure you do not leave your garage door remote on display
  4. Peace of Mind – Knowing you wont have to leave your car to open
  5. Variety of Styles – We have a wide range of styles available 
  6. Convenience – Parking your car with ease
  7. Cost Saving – Less maintenance is required
  8. Save Space – Automatic garage doors take up less space
  9. Protected from the weather – especially if its storming outside
  10. Improved Home Appearance 
  11. Decrease in Noise 
  12. Increase your homes value 
remote garage door opener

Can Your Garage Door Opener Overheat?

Gold Coast residents enjoy fantastic weather throughout the year.

Most people know how to keep their home cool and comfortable but tend to forget about their garage doors.

The garage door is a prominent feature in any home, but it is often overlooked when it comes to maintenance. You need to pay special attention to the door during the hottest months and ensure that the high temperatures do not affect its performance.

Looking After Your Door in Summer

It is possible for a remote garage door opener to overheat.

Unlike commercial models, residential garage door openers have not been designed to be opened multiple times consecutively.

Your garage door opener has an automatic thermal overload in the motor. If the door is operated excessively in a short period of time, the thermal overload will turn off the motor. This will give the motor enough time to cool down before it resets again.

High temperatures can affect the thermal overload and cause the motor to overheat after closing and opening the doors a few times in a 15-minute period. In most cases, the remote garage door opener will operate normally but sometimes you will need to call your technician.

To avoid any overheating problems, you should do any maintenance work early in the morning or late in the day. Do not overwork your door and make sure that its servicing is up to date.

Signs of Trouble

If you see smoke coming from the garage door opener, it means that the motor starting capacitor has overheated. In this case, you will need to unplug the garage door opener and operate the door manually. A technician will need to inspect the door and check that other components have not been affected.

We strongly recommend not using the garage door opener until a professional has inspected the system and carried out any necessary repairs.

If you are having problems with your remote garage door opener, let our team at Gold Coast Door Centre help you.

We have an outstanding reputation on the Gold Coast for high quality installation, repairs and servicing of automatic garage doors. Our experienced technicians can work with domestic and commercial garage doors. Call us today and make an appointment.