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Troubleshooting Garage Door Problems

If you are aware of how your garage door should be normally operating, you will know the potential signs of any problems that will affect the opening and closing procedures.

Here we will look at the most common issues that affect the smooth running of your garage doors and what you should do if you need a garage door repair on the Gold Coast.

Transmitter Batteries

One of the most common issues when it comes to the smooth operation of automatic doors are transmitter batteries.

Like any electrical device that relies on battery power, the batteries will eventually drain.

An early warning sign can reduce operating distance, if you notice this happening then it is advisable to keep a spare set of batteries in your car and/or home.

Further Transmitter Problems

You’ve changed the batteries but are still having issues, if this is the case start by checking the receiver antenna in the garage, if it has become blocked or obstructed this could interfere with the signal from the remote control.

Remote control fobs and their receivers work on a particular frequency, on rare occasions this frequency could be interfered with by other electrical equipment or even by your neighbours if they too are using automatic garage doors.

Consult your handbook or installer for information on changing the frequency.  

Photo-Eye Safety Feature

If your garage door system has been fitted with the “Photo Eye” (PE) beam there are a few things that can affect it.

Ensure that your regular maintenance includes the cleaning of the PE beam lens, use a soft dry cloth to avoid scratching the eye.

Keep the area free and clear of obstructions, if the PE beam is interrupted the garage door will fail to close, many call outs for garage door repair on the Gold Coast are easily rectified by the removal of items blocking the PE beam.

Limiter Settings
Most commonly seen on either brand-new installations or very old automatic doors is an issue with the range limiter.

This will affect the end position of the door when it opens or closes. If your door reaches its final position and moves back a few inches your range limiter will need to be adjusted.

Track Misalignment

If you notice your garage door is no longer opening and closing smoothly and seems to stick in places, wait until the door movement has finished then visually inspect the track for any blockages. If the tracks are free and clear they may be suffering from bends or twists. Get this checked immediately to avoid the extra pressure placed on the springs and cables resulting in a failure of the door.

What to do next

Most issues with the operation of garage doors can be easily rectified.

For fast and efficient garage door repair on the Gold Coast, contact us for more information.

you need a garage door repair on the Gold Coast we are only a phone call away.

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Can Your Garage Door Opener Overheat?

Gold Coast residents enjoy fantastic weather throughout the year.

Most people know how to keep their home cool and comfortable but tend to forget about their garage doors.

The garage door is a prominent feature in any home, but it is often overlooked when it comes to maintenance. You need to pay special attention to the door during the hottest months and ensure that the high temperatures do not affect its performance.

Looking After Your Door in Summer

It is possible for a remote garage door opener to overheat.

Unlike commercial models, residential garage door openers have not been designed to be opened multiple times consecutively.

Your garage door opener has an automatic thermal overload in the motor. If the door is operated excessively in a short period of time, the thermal overload will turn off the motor. This will give the motor enough time to cool down before it resets again.

High temperatures can affect the thermal overload and cause the motor to overheat after closing and opening the doors a few times in a 15-minute period. In most cases, the remote garage door opener will operate normally but sometimes you will need to call your technician.

To avoid any overheating problems, you should do any maintenance work early in the morning or late in the day. Do not overwork your door and make sure that its servicing is up to date.

Signs of Trouble

If you see smoke coming from the garage door opener, it means that the motor starting capacitor has overheated. In this case, you will need to unplug the garage door opener and operate the door manually. A technician will need to inspect the door and check that other components have not been affected.

We strongly recommend not using the garage door opener until a professional has inspected the system and carried out any necessary repairs.

If you are having problems with your remote garage door opener, let our team at Gold Coast Door Centre help you.

We have an outstanding reputation on the Gold Coast for high quality installation, repairs and servicing of automatic garage doors. Our experienced technicians can work with domestic and commercial garage doors. Call us today and make an appointment.