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Get Your Garage Door Fixed Properly

A Garage door repair can be worrisome as they might costly or time consuming.

At Gold Coast Door Centre, we can help you figure out if you need repairs to your garage door and can help you get the job done at an affordable price.

While you can certainly live with a broken garage door, it makes life much more convenient to have an operating one.

Here are some indications that it’s time to give us a call and talk about the repairs you need.

If It Doesn’t Open or Close, Get Your Garage Door Repaired

If your garage door is stuck, it’s a pretty obvious sign that you need repairs done.

A garage door that’s stuck in the down position isn’t as big of a concern, but if yours is stuck open, there’s are security issues to consider.

Anything you have inside is at risk of being stolen and if you can access your house through the garage, you run the risk of getting broken into.

If your garage door won’t open or close, we can help fix it so it’s running smoothly again.

It Makes Too Much Noise

Opening and closing your garage door makes a certain amount of noise, but if it’s gotten louder suddenly, you could have an issue.

Likewise, a grinding, screeching or another noise that wasn’t there before means trouble.

Letting this problem go for too long can result in further issues that could make repairs more costly or could lead to the need to completely replace your garage door.

It’s Fallen Off the Tracks

This one is a no brainer. If the garage door isn’t on its tracks, there is a problem.

Getting the garage door back where it belongs can seem easy, but it requires some know-how and tools so it’s done properly.

Our trained experts can help you get the garage door back on track so that it goes back to working the right way.

Again, letting it go could lead to bigger problems down the road so it’s best to get it fixed right away.

Broken or Missing Parts

Obviously, if you see any broken or missing components to your garage door, you need to give us a call so we can replace or repair the issue.

Replacing your entire garage door is pretty expensive so it’s better to get it repaired now before it’s too late.

Our trained staff can put your mind at ease and our expertise will ensure your garage door will be up and working again in no time when it is fixable.

Call Gold Coast Door Centre today for a free quote on your garage door repairs.

garage door repair

Leave Your Garage Door Repairs To Experts

Garage doors tend to be one of those things you only miss when they stop working. This is because they are highly engineered pieces of machinery, which give flawless service day in day out.

Like every other type of other machinery, however, garage doors suffer wear and tear. And accidents do happen.

After years in the business, we know that DIY garage door repairs often end badly. When it comes to sorting out garage door issues, all our experience, combined with having the correct spare parts and the right tools in-hand, certainly makes our job easier and more efficient.

Warning Signs

Problems with automated garage doors often make themselves known in little ways. Perhaps you might be noticing that yours sticks a bit, near the top of its closing mechanism.

Or you might hear a noise that sounds less than healthy.

Other than that, your door is working. But these are warning signs. If left untreated, sooner or later your door will experience real problems.

Your garage door relies on a number of systems to work smoothly. It will have electronic sensors and controls. And it will have moving parts, including cables and springs. With regular use, any cable can become worn, and springs eventually weaken.

In most cases, garage doors will be subject to the weather. On the Gold Coast, this is a serious factor.

While garage door products are made to last, delicate internal components are the first to suffer. These will also be the least obvious elements of your door and the hardest to fix. Electronic motors too can suffer from the elements.

Access to sensitive equipment within protective housings is often difficult and, once again, the correct spare parts are usually needed.

Expert Services

With more than 25 years of experience with garage door repairs, we know all the tell-tale signs.

Of course, some of these will be obvious to all, like a dislodged cable or broken spring. But replacing these items is a job for the experts, with suitable equipment and safety measures.

Garage doors are heavy and danger is definitely involved in their handling.

Technology brings all manner of convenience to modern garage doors. And that means a high level of expertise is needed when malfunctions arise.

Apart from fixing problems when they arise, the best way to keep your doors working is to maintain them.

All doors should be serviced at least once a year. This will avoid problems arising and save money in the long term. Our expert, locally-based fitters can look after your automatic garage doors all year round, replacing components appropriately, to make sure you get the expected satisfactory service from your doors.

Ask And You Shall Recieve

For all your garage door repairs, contact us today at Gold Coast Door Centre for a free quote. Simply call 07 5535 5100, or leave us a message now.

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garage door repair

Troubleshooting Garage Door Problems

If you are aware of how your garage door should be normally operating, you will know the potential signs of any problems that will affect the opening and closing procedures.

Here we will look at the most common issues that affect the smooth running of your garage doors and what you should do if you need a garage door repair on the Gold Coast.

Transmitter Batteries

One of the most common issues when it comes to the smooth operation of automatic doors are transmitter batteries.

Like any electrical device that relies on battery power, the batteries will eventually drain.

An early warning sign can reduce operating distance, if you notice this happening then it is advisable to keep a spare set of batteries in your car and/or home.

Further Transmitter Problems

You’ve changed the batteries but are still having issues, if this is the case start by checking the receiver antenna in the garage, if it has become blocked or obstructed this could interfere with the signal from the remote control.

Remote control fobs and their receivers work on a particular frequency, on rare occasions this frequency could be interfered with by other electrical equipment or even by your neighbours if they too are using automatic garage doors.

Consult your handbook or installer for information on changing the frequency.  

Photo-Eye Safety Feature

If your garage door system has been fitted with the “Photo Eye” (PE) beam there are a few things that can affect it.

Ensure that your regular maintenance includes the cleaning of the PE beam lens, use a soft dry cloth to avoid scratching the eye.

Keep the area free and clear of obstructions, if the PE beam is interrupted the garage door will fail to close, many call outs for garage door repair on the Gold Coast are easily rectified by the removal of items blocking the PE beam.

Limiter Settings
Most commonly seen on either brand-new installations or very old automatic doors is an issue with the range limiter.

This will affect the end position of the door when it opens or closes. If your door reaches its final position and moves back a few inches your range limiter will need to be adjusted.

Track Misalignment

If you notice your garage door is no longer opening and closing smoothly and seems to stick in places, wait until the door movement has finished then visually inspect the track for any blockages. If the tracks are free and clear they may be suffering from bends or twists. Get this checked immediately to avoid the extra pressure placed on the springs and cables resulting in a failure of the door.

What to do next

Most issues with the operation of garage doors can be easily rectified.

For fast and efficient garage door repair on the Gold Coast, contact us for more information.

you need a garage door repair on the Gold Coast we are only a phone call away.

Call us on 07 5535 5100

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Different Types of Garage Doors

We have a huge variety when it comes to different types of garage doors, which we guarantee for their durability and style.

At Gold Coast Door Centre, we supply, fit and maintain the best quality automated garage doors.

If you are a homeowner or business operator, having the right access to your premises is vital.

We have the garage doors Gold Coast residents and business owners know they can rely on.

Our doors offer security, convenience and peace of mind.

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remote garage door opener

Where to Get Your Remote Garage Door Opener Fixed

Nobody would choose a television that has to be operated without a remote control and the same can be said for a garage door. Once you enjoy the convenience of opening and closing your door with minimal effort, it is hard to go back. This is why it is even more frustrating to find out that your remote garage door opener has stopped working.

No matter how many times you press the button, you have to finally resign yourself to opening the door manually. If this scene sounds familiar, do not worry, your local garage door specialist can help.

Getting a Diagnosis

Your remote control is a radio transmitter that sends a code to the receiver to operate your garage door. There are a few things that could go wrong with the remote and one of the most common ones is that the batteries have stopped working. This is an easy fix and all you have to do is take the old batteries to the store with you and get new ones.

It is always better to pay a little bit more for batteries that will save you the trouble of having to replace them constantly.

If new batteries are not doing it, check that the battery compartment of your remote garage door opener is in good condition. If the battery contacts are dirty or wet, they would need to be cleaned or dried before you can put the batteries back in.

If you have more than one garage door opener in the house, check if the other ones work. If none of them do, this is not a battery issue.

It could be that an object is blocking the signal between the receiver and the remote. If that is not the case, you need to consult a technician.

A Gold Coast garage door specialist will be able to reset the remote and check that the receiver is working properly.

Call us today if you need emergency repairs or for garage door servicing. We cover all suburbs on the Gold Coast.

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