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Is your garage ready for cyclone season?

While the Gold Coast is famed for its beautiful sunny climate, cyclones and other wild weather events can still strike. In most homes, the garage door is often one of the largest entry points and protects your most financially valuable assets. It’s important to know – is your garage door ready for cyclone season?

What happens to a garage door during a cyclone?

High winds are the most common cause of damage to a garage door during cyclone season. Doors can be dislodged from their running tracks and begin to flap in the wind, damaging the railings, surrounding walls, and countless other items.

Heavy rainfall and flooding can also cause damage to your building and personal items, especially if the garage door is not properly sealed or has been compromised by wind. Water damage can quickly compromise the structural integrity of walls and floors, not to mention valuables.

Is my garage door cyclone-ready?

In 2012, the Australian Building Codes Board updated the regulations for garage doors to ensure they were better able to withstand extreme weather events, including cyclones. This includes wind ratings, weather sealing and protection from loose flying debris.

If your garage door was installed before 2012, it may not be up to code and a replacement to meet standards will offer better protection for your home and family.

If you are considering a new garage door installation, confirm that your choice comes with wind locks and braces to help resist damage caused by high winds. All products provided by Gold Coast Door Centre meet or exceed minimum safety guidelines.

If severe weather is predicted, or warnings have been issued, make sure to close your garage door fully, and engage additional locks or braces for the best protection.

Important considerations in an emergency

For non-life-threatening situations during extreme weather events, including cyclones, contact the SES on 132 500. If injury has occurred or lives are at risk, call 000 for Police, Fire, or Ambulance.

Sometimes, bad weather may cut power to your property, and it’s important you know how to open your garage door when the power has been disconnected.

Motorised garage door openers have a string attached to the motor on the inside of the garage. Use this string to switch the door to manual setting. This will disconnect the motor from the door, to allow you to lift the door by hand. You should never switch the motor to manual while the door is open, this may lead to the door falling rapidly which could lead to personal injury or damage your door. If the door appears to be stuck open, contact us for emergency assistance.

You may also consider installing a battery-operated motor. This would require replacing your opening motor, as existing installations cannot be modified. Battery backup can avoid unpleasant surprises if you arrive home during an unexpected power outage, or prevent those with physical limitations from having to manually lift a door.

Be cyclone ready with Gold Coast Door Centre

Gold Coast Door Centre has over 20 years of industry experience in securing domestic and commercial properties. We pride ourselves on knowledgeable, friendly service and offer cost and obligation-free quotes to all Gold Coast homes. Contact us today and make sure your home is protected during cyclones.

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