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Which Type Of Garage Door Is Most Secure?

When it comes to keeping your home secure, the garage door is often one of the last things that are considered.


However, the garage is usually one of the weakest points of the house and is easily broken into.


Garage security therefore should be top of your list of features when installing a new garage door, especially considering that many of us store expensive belongings within and access to our homes is through a simple door.


So, when it comes down to it, which type of garage door is more secure; sectional or roller doors?


Here at the Gold Coast Door Centre we have put together some information to assist you:- 

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Roller Garage Doors

Roller doors are some of the most secure garage doors that are available on the market.


Roller doors boast a design that features no visible leverage points on sturdy material and a compact design that make them difficult for intruders to break into. With no clear point of entry, they are considered reliable and secure.


If you want to make your roller door that much more secure, you can opt for automated doors, as they are designed to provide little to no clear point of entry and even fewer leverage points for intruders.


Sectional Garage Doors

Just like roller doors, sectional doors are also incredibly tough and secure doors. Sectional doors are made up of panels that fold up into the roof as they are raised.


A good quality and well-designed sectional door with robust panels offer no obvious leverage points for intruders to exploit. Unless someone came prepared with the proper tools and a garage door opener, it will be more than difficult to break through a good-quality sectional door.


Whether you choose a roller door or a sectional door, it’s a good idea to consider having the door automated. Automated doors are a great security measure as they are designed to exert a strong downward force until the remote is activated and the force removed, making them hard to lever up by hand.


The automation also does away with the need for external locks or hardware, which are often targeted in a break-in.

Which Are More Secure?

It is generally agreed that roller doors are the most secure option because there are practically no points of visible entry that can be easily levered open. However, sectional doors aren’t too far behind and are also considered excellent choices.


The quality and installation process also play a big role in how secure a door is, however.


Cheap materials and poor installation can lead to the doors not being as secure as they could be. When choosing your new door and installation company, ensure that the product and labour that you are paying for is top quality.


This will help guarantee that your garage will stay secure and your home safe in the years to come. 

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