Garage Door Repairs Gold Coast

Garage Door Repairs Gold Coast

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Like many things you buy for your home, your garage door will probably eventually need repairs or maintenance. The team at Gold Coast Door Centre provide garage door services to help you get your door and automation system working like new again. We’ll come to your premises and inspect your system, provide any repairs or servicing needed and discuss how you can help your garage door run more smoothly in the future. We can also replace motors and other components of your automation system that may wear out over time, especially if you have an older system. Call today if your door needs servicing.
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Although it can sometimes be tricky figuring out if your garage door is in need of servicing or maintenance, there are some signs that you will need repairs soon. These can include:

Your door has trouble closing: If you press your remote button repeatedly and nothing happens and you know that the issue isn’t the remote itself, this can be a sign that your garage door opener is beginning to fail. This could be caused by a variety of things including a lack of communication between the opener and your door, or a malfunction in the door itself. We can find the underlying cause and get the door working again.

Sagging doors: After a time your door may begin to lose structure. You may eventually begin to see sagging or a door that is not balanced. When you pull your garage door down it should stay where you leave it, even if it’s right in the middle of being open and closed. If it falls or bounces back upward, you may need a new tension spring.
Noisy doors – Noise is always a sign that something might be amiss with your door. While old doors are likely to make some noise over time, excessive creaking or grinding can be a sign that something bigger is wrong underneath the surface.
The door is off track: While most doors can come off the tracks at times, this is often caused by damage to the door itself. If your door isn’t staying in line the way it should, it may be time to call in a professional to ensure there are no dents or other damage.
Slow response: If your door is taking longer to respond to your opener or moving more slowly once it gets going, this could be a sign that your opener is going to fail.
Wetness: Your garage door should keep water out of your garage. If you begin to see wet spots or dampness in your garage after a rainstorm, or you notice mould or mildew inside the garage or near the door itself, this could be a sign that your door isn’t sealing as it should.
Rising energy costs: If you begin to notice that your energy bills are skyrocketing, this might be a sign that your garage door is letting cool or hot air into your living space.

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If you notice any signs that your garage door needs to be serviced, get in touch with GC Door Centre for an inspection.