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When you buy a new garage door from Gold Coast Door Centre, you also have the option of adding openers and remotes with your purchase as an add-on. These make it easier to open your garage door right from your car so you don’t have to get in and out during harsh weather or after dark. Most of our garage doors can be fitted with these features, you aren’t limited in which one you can choose in order to get the greatest level of convenience from your new garage door. In many cases we can also fit your existing garage door with one of our remotes or openers. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide any information you need to get started.

Our openers and remotes are designed to work with a range of automation systems that we can install with your door. The team here at Gold Coast Door Centre are experts when it comes to the installation and function of doors and accessories, you can rest assured that when we take on your job, you will have a smooth operating door for years to come. We’re also highly knowledgeable about all the products we carry so we can help you determine which opener or remote will work best both with your garage door and with your home’s setup.

Roller Door Motors


The smart design of Roll-A-Pro™ detects when contact is made with an obstruction and automatically stops and reverses the door to minimise the risk of damage or injury.

This is the newer version of a reliable model. It includes wireless PE beams, bright white LED lighting and extra transmitter memory.

Sectional Door Motors

The Panel Pro provides an affordable and secure garage door control with a smooth and reliable operation. The product is designed to suit most types of sectional and tilting residential garage doors.

The Secure opener comes with two Tri-Tran+ remote controls and a bright LED courtesy light. It offers seamless, reliable door operation. With a range of optional safety and security add-ons, you can select the features that matter most to you and your family

Your garage door is the largest entryway to your home. It keeps your family and possessions safe, which is why pairing it with a secure, powerful opener makes sense. The Smart Pro comes fully equipped with Auto-Lock, B&D’s own keyless technology that ensures your door locks shut every time it’s closed. Monitor your garage around the clock with the included high-quality camera and smartphone app.

The Ero® garage door opener offers great value for money. With important features included, Ero®’s 650N motor will drive most standard residential sectional doors.

This model is faster and more powerful than before. It comes with very quick speeds, smooth operation and a supercharged motor.

Experience the ultimate in garage door convenience with Automatic Technology’s Syncro opener. This cutting-edge system takes automation to the next level, allowing you to easily monitor, control, and schedule access to your garage door using just your smartphone.

Gate Openers


The NeoSlider™ 500 and NeoSlider™ 800 deliver increased gate weight capacity and will operate the majority of residential sliding gates in Australia. They feature a variety of operating modes, custom settings, numerous inputs to interface with devices such as intercoms, and a service indicator.


A proven design that has endured for over 15 years, the performance and strength of the Elite® SGO-1 has made it an industry icon. This unassuming looking opener features a powerful DC motor, robust gearing, articulated arms for smooth operation, and configurability with 2, 3 or 5 wire installs.

Adding openers and remotes to your garage door

If you’re interested in fitting your garage door with an opener or remote, get in touch with Gold Coast Door Centre and we’ll help you get started. We’ll come and assess your garage door to determine which options are the right choice for your home. We will discuss features and help you with the installation. If you don’t have a garage door yet, we can also help you choose a door and opener combination that works for your situation and budget.
Garage doors
There are many benefits to adding a garage opener or remote with your door, including:
Convenience – Many people find it highly beneficial to be able to enter and leave their garage without having to get out of their car. It’s especially convenient when the weather is extreme.
Security – Many of today’s garage door openers and remotes are made to prevent unwanted intruders from entering your home. Choose options with a rolling code and those with variable modes which allow you to set a vacation mode or any other time when you will be away from home for an extended period.
Safety and ease of use – Those with specific medical conditions and young children may be safer with garage doors that depend on remotes for operation. For instance, those with arthritis may find opening a garage door without a remote difficult and young kids can get caught beneath a door if they are playing too close. Having a garage door with an opener helps prevent these issues.