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Sectional Doors FAQs

Choosing the right size sectional door for your garage starts with measuring the width and height of your garage opening. Measure width and height in multiple places to ensure accuracy. Once you have the measurements, you can choose a sectional door that fits those dimensions. It’s important to choose a door that fits properly to ensure proper functionality and security.

While it’s possible to install a sectional door yourself, we recommend hiring a professional installer. Sectional doors are heavy and require precise installation to ensure proper operation and safety. A professional installer has the experience and knowledge to properly complete the task and make any necessary adjustments to avoid problems down the line.

Sectional doors require minimal maintenance, but it’s important to perform routine checks to ensure proper operation and longevity. Lubricating the moving parts of the door and checking for any damage or wear are important steps to take. It’s also a good idea to keep the door clean and free of debris to prevent damage to the door and its components.

The lifespan of a sectional door depends on several factors, including the quality of the door, how well it’s maintained and how often it’s used. However, sectional doors can last for many years with proper maintenance and care.

Sectional doors can be made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminium, wood and fiberglass. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of material may depend on factors such as durability, insulation and aesthetics.

Many sectional doors are available with insulation options to improve energy efficiency and reduce noise. Insulated doors can also help to regulate the temperature in the garage, making it more comfortable for any activities or work done in the space.

Yes, sectional doors can often be customised to fit specific needs or preferences. Some customisation options include colour, style and window placement.

Sectional doors can provide a high level of security for a garage when installed properly and with appropriate locking mechanisms. Many sectional doors are designed with reinforced materials and additional security features, such as alarms or automatic locking systems.

It may be possible to add windows to an existing sectional door, depending on the style and material of the door. However, adding windows may affect the insulation and security of the door, so it’s important to consider these factors when making the decision.

Many sectional doors can be painted to match the colour of a home or to add a decorative element. However, it’s important to choose a paint that is designed for the specific material of the door, such as a metal paint for a steel door or a wood stain for a wooden door. It’s also recommended to consult with the manufacturer or a professional before painting to ensure proper application and to avoid any damage to the door.