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Signs Your Garage Door Spring Is Broken

A broken garage door spring can be a major inconvenience. It can leave any stored belongings at risk of theft and impact the appearance of your home. Garage door springs can deteriorate due to wear and tear, but how do you recognise if your springs are broken and need repair or replacing? Read on for our helpful tips.

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How do you check if your garage spring is broken?

There are things you can look out for to assess whether your spring is damaged or broken:

  • A loud banging noise coming from your garage
  • Your door won’t open
  • The door opens uneasily
  • The door closes too fast
  • There are gaps in the spring

Loud noise

When a torsion spring breaks on a garage door, it can unwind with great force in a matter of seconds. This can cause a sudden, loud banging noise, and may even leave you unable to open your door. If your garage door spring is broken, your door might also put out squealing or squeaking noises when you use it. These noises can have many causes, so we recommend you contact a professional for an assessment.

Door won’t open

The torsion spring helps the garage door opening mechanism to operate more easily. Newer doors come equipped with an opener force safety feature, which protects the door mechanism from damage in the event of the spring breaking. The opener force only allows your door to open six inches if it has a broken spring. If your garage door is not opening completely or isn’t opening at all, a broken spring might be the cause.

Door opens unevenly

If your door is fitted with torsion springs running parallel to the bottom and along the sides, and one of them breaks, it will create an imbalance in your door and prevent it from opening properly. If you notice your door is opening slower on one side, you probably have a broken spring and should contact a professional as soon as possible.

Door closes too fast

Older garage doors do not carry the opener force feature, so they may still be able to be forced open. As springs carry the force needed to allow the door to close slowly and more balanced, a broken spring will mean the door will close faster than usual. We recommend checking whether the spring is broken and contacting a professional for assessment.

Gaps in the spring

If a torsion spring breaks, a space will be created between the two pieces. You’ll be able to clearly notice this gap if you inspect the spring when the door is closed. If you do detect a broken spring, we recommend you don’t use your door but contact a professional to perform an inspection and any necessary repairs or replacements.

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