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Why Won’t Your Garage Door Close?

It’s fair to say that garage doors are one of those features of a house that you don’t notice the importance of until yours isn’t working properly!


Not only are your garage doors the things that can make the difference between your vehicle being exposed to the threat of theft or vandalism, but they generally are an extra layer of security and privacy for your home access too.


Here at Gold Coast Door Centre, we specialise in the installation and repair of garage doors on the Gold Coast.

From our experience, it is much better to get a problem solved straight away than wait until it becomes bigger and potentially more expensive.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why your own garage doors might not be closing.

  • Misaligned Photo Eye

If your garage is one that has a camera detection system, then it might have stopped working because the eye of the lens has become misaligned.

If the system can’t tell when you are there and waiting, it won’t be able to open up in order to let you park inside.

  • Misaligned Track

An equally common problem is that the metal tracks that your door needs to run along in order to open fully have become misaligned.

This happens over time, or as a result of a knock to the hardware. Make sure to look out for gaps between rollers and rails, and if there are any bends that are starting to appear.

  • Transmitter Problem

It might be the case that when you want to open your garage door wirelessly, it is actually opening up the door of your neighbour instead.

This will be something to do with the transmitters and their frequencies being off. An annoying problem in the moment, but one that can be easily fixable by an expert.

  • Broken Springs

If you are certain your transmitters are working but the door still won’t budge, then it might have something to do with broken torsion springs. It is likely to be this problem if you happened to catch a loud bang from inside your garage at any point.


So, if you need someone to come out and have a look at the garage doors of your Gold Coast property, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


A member of the team will be more than happy to get out to you in no time at all to assess the problem and offer the best solutions. There is no problem that we can’t fix!