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Top Ways To Keep Your Garage Secure!

A garage is a fundamental part of any home. Whether you store your beloved car in there, use it as a home gym or even just make use of the space for storage, it’s likely to be holding some serious valuables, which means you need extra protection in the case of thieves.

Here are some great ways of making your garage more secure, and keeping your car and valuables as safe as can be.

1. Install motion lights

Burglars love the dark. It covers their footsteps, and even if somebody sees them, they won’t know who they are. By using a movement-activated light, you can ward off potential criminals before they do any damage.

2. Consider CCTV

Whilst a light can act as a good deterrent, it’s not much good if you spot the culprit without being able to actually take a look at them. By using a security camera on the outside of your property and monitoring your garage’s vulnerabilities, you can make sure that if anyone does make a move for your doors and windows, you’ll get a good look at them. Plus, if they see a security camera, a burglar is far less likely to target your home due to the greater risk.

3. Properly secure your garage door

There is a wide range of garage doors on the market today, ranging from simple decorative features to more complex and secure garage security options that utilise features like deadbolts, reinforced strike plates and more. Even if you can’t discourage the criminal from targeting your property, a strong enough door will make it difficult for them to break in. Once they realise it’s almost impossible to gain entry, they will likely give up and move on.

4. Lock up properly

This might seem like a very simple step, but that’s because it is. A mistake that a lot of victims make is accidentally leaving a door open, or even just unlocked. This will invite a burglar, or any opportunistic thief, into your home, and lead you to become a victim of your own forgetfulness. By making sure you check the garage door before you leave the house or go to bed, you can rest assured your property is safe and secure.

Keep your home safe

By using an effective and thorough home security system, you can be safe in the knowledge that your garage isn’t going to be at risk of burglary. Cameras and lights can keep opportunists away, and by making your property as secure as possible, you can ensure that even the most stubborn criminal won’t cause problems.

If you’re looking for garage security solutions, give the Gold Coast Door Centre team a call today and see what we can do to protect your home.