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How Long Should A Garage Door Last?

You might not spend much time thinking about your garage door. It is a dependable part of your home that provides a simple but necessary function. However, if you have had the same garage door for many years, you may find yourself wondering when it is time to replace it. How long does the average garage door last? What can impact this and when is it time to replace them? Read on to find out.

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How long does a garage door last?

Fitted properly and well taken care of, a garage door should be able to last for many years – some even keep the same garage door for decades. However, there are multiple factors that impact the longevity of your garage door. You should first think about the quality of your garage door.


If the door is made from low-quality materials or has been fitted poorly, then it will not last as long as a well made and well-fitted door. Similarly, even if a garage door is well made, if it is not maintained properly then it will not last as long as it could.


For example, you will need to ensure that the door is regularly lubricated and cleaned to keep it in top condition to ensure longevity.

Think about the door’s living conditions

The weather can also impact the lifespan of the average garage door. Living in a very warm area, or somewhere with a lot of storms, can cause a garage door to warp and become damaged over time.


This is why it is important to discuss the best material for your garage door with a professional, partly based on where you live, how exposed the door is, and how often you use your garage.

When to replace

There are some times when it is necessary to replace your old garage door. You may notice that the door has become damaged from wear and tear, and it is not functioning properly, besides looking unsightly.

You might also need to replace your garage door if it is failing to open or close. While you should have this checked out by an expert, replacing the door will ensure that your home is safe from break-ins and that your garage door is safe to use.

Replacing your garage door is also necessary if you find that your energy costs are going up. Old garage doors do not provide the same insulation as more modern, energy-efficient models. The initial outgoing of purchasing a new door could save you a lot of money on your energy bills in the long term.

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