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Risks Of A DIY Garage Door Installation

Garage doors can help ensure the safety and security of your home or commercial property. As with any fixture, the time will come when either repairs or a replacement will need to happen.

It may seem tempting to potentially lessen costs by installing your new garage door yourself. Following are some reasons why you may want to stop and reconsider DIY installation and opt for professional assistance instead.

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Installation is not as easy as you may think

You may be a dab hand at home repairs and maintenance, but installing a garage door is a difficult process for someone without experience and know-how. There are a vast number of parts, tools, and machinery required, many of which you may have not used before. Once begun, you may find the whole journey ‘hits the wall’ sooner than you might like.

Specialist tools

The correct installation of a garage door requires specific tools that only industry professionals possess. There’s no way around it, these tools are absolutely necessary in order to complete the job properly. Even if you were to source and purchase said tools, do you really want to spend the considerable sum required for items you will most likely never use again?

Attempting to use tools that may seem ‘close enough’ will invariably lead to errors and most likely, damage to your property.

Risking mistakes

Anyone attempting a DIY installation can make any number of errors due to the sheer quantity of steps involved in the process. Errors can become costly in the long run, due to the need for professional repairs. Making mistakes can also delay your project, compromising the security of your home or facility. Most times, errors made in the DIY installation of a garage door result in a product that will not open or close properly.

Risking injury

A professional completing an installation will utilize their knowledge and experience to ensure the whole process goes smoothly. A lack of experience vastly increases the potential for not only costly errors, but the very real risk of injury to yourself, anyone assisting you, and possibly anyone using the garage door in the future. Medical bills will almost certainly cancel out any cost savings made via a DIY installation.

No warranty

When a professional installs your garage door, not only is the job completed more quickly and efficiently, the work and the product are also covered by a warranty. You will sacrifice any meaningful warranty coverage by installing the garage door yourself.

You may very well feel confident in your ability to install your own garage door, but as you can see here, there are a variety of excellent reasons why you shouldn’t.

Leaving it to the professionals at Gold Coast Door Centre is the best way forward. We’re highly skilled and come with a wealth of experience. You’ll save money in the long run by avoiding catastrophic mistakes from the get-go.

For professional advice and service, reach out to Gold Coast Door Centre today. You’ll be glad you did!