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How To Replace A Lost Or Broken Garage Door Remote?

Have you ever lost or misplaced your garage door remote?


Or perhaps it’s been dropped one too many times, and it’s not working as it should?


If your garage door remote is lost or broken, this can spell disaster, particularly if you use your garage on a daily basis like many of us do.


But losing your garage door remote doesn’t need to cause panic; follow our simple guide to replacing your garage door remote quickly and efficiently to regain access to your garage in no time.

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Make Sure Your Old Remote Is Definitely Lost

Before you make arrangements to replace your garage door remote, it’s important to make sure that your old remote really is lost or broken.


Look around the house, check your pockets, and ask other family members if they’ve seen the remote. If it’s broken, check that it’s fitted with correct batteries and fully charged.


Once you’ve made sure that your old remote really is finished with, it’s time to take steps to source a replacement.

Sourcing Your New Remote

When sourcing your new remote, it’s important to consider various factors to ensure that your new remote is compatible with your existing garage door.


Your old garage door remote probably displayed its brand somewhere on its front or back. You could find a garage door remote matching your old brand, or you could choose a universal remote or an aftermarket remote.


This might also be necessary if your garage door manufacturer no longer makes the same remote you used before.

Garage Door Receiever Model

You can check that a chosen garage door remote will work with your garage door by comparing the model number of your door with the model number of a remote.


Even if a garage door remote matches the same model of garage door you have, if your remote is from a different generation than your door, they may not work together.

Type Of Remote

If you can figure out what kind of technology your old garage door remote used, this can help you to find a replacement remote that is compatible with your existing door.


You might be able to guess the technology used in your remote based on its age; remotes from the mid-80s to early 90s often used dip switches, while mid 90s remotes started using fixed code technology and more recent remotes may use rolling code technology.

Remote Aesthetics

To help ensure that your new remote is compatible with your existing garage door, it’s important to compare both remotes aesthetically.


Changes in colour, button layout, and other small details can indicate that your new remote may be from another generation and thus not compatible with your garage door.

How To Programme Your New Garage Door Remote

Programming your new remote will depend on the kind of technology that your remote uses.


Dip switch remotes are usually the easiest to programme, while fixed and rolling code remotes can be a little more involved.

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