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Why Doesn’t My Garage Door Open All The Way (Common Reasons)

The garage door not opening when you’re already late for work in the morning, or exhausted from a busy day in the evening, is the last thing you want to deal with. But, it can happen, and if it does you must understand why your garage door won’t open so that you can take the necessary steps to fix it.

Here are 9 common reasons your garage door won’t open.

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1. Broken Springs

The springs give the garage door the tension it requires for the pulleys to create that smooth, weightless opening and closing motion. However, when the springs break, the door will stop operating efficiently.

How Do I Know If The Springs Are Broken?

  • Is there a gap in one of the springs? (Springs should be wound tightly.)
  • Does the top panel bend when the garage door opens? (Or is the door hanging crookedly?)
  • Does the door crash down when closing?

Can I Fix Broken Springs Myself?

Save this job for the professionals. Overall, you won’t save money doing it yourself and a professional has the tools needed for the job. The springs are also under a lot of pressure; pressure that you don’t want to play around with if you are inexperienced. There are many different types of spring, getting it right is paramount for your safety and the health of the door.

2. Issues With Remote

A lot of garage door faults revolve around the remote. The remote makes contact with the antenna, which then enables you to control the garage door.

How Do I Know If The Remote Is Problematic?

  • Do the buttons not work when pushed?
  • Is the antenna bent?
  • Does your remote have old batteries in it?

Can I Fix The Remote Myself?

More than likely, this issue can be resolved quickly and simply. If the remote buttons don’t work, try moving closer to the antenna. If the antenna is bent, gently bend it back. Change the remote batteries.

If the remote is still faulty, you might have to reprogram it. You can find out how to do this by reading the manufacturer’s instructions.

If these fixes don’t work, the remote might be faulty. Now it’s time to call the professionals.

3. Dented Or Damaged Door

If something has fallen against the garage door track, the door’s natural path will be hindered or halted. This issue can cause the door to come off the tracks and create worse problems if not seen to asap.

How Do I Know If The Door Is Dented Or Damaged?

  • Does the door have something pressed against it?
  • Upon inspection, is the surface of the door altered from when it was installed?

Can I Fix A Dented/damaged Door Myself?

The short answer is yes. If something has fallen against the door, removing it can resolve the issue. Oftentimes, no damage will be sustained and the door will then open without issue.

However, if upon closer inspection, you see a dent or other damage, it’s best not to try to fix the issue yourself. Instead, contact a trained professional. Pushing the dents out yourself or leaving the problem can cause uneven opening and closing, which can cause more serious issues down the track.

4. Stripped Gear

The high-grade plastic gears move the chains that open and close the door. Over time, this causes rubbing and friction between the chains and gears. Eventually, the teeth on the gears will gradually become worn down.

How Do I Know If A Gear Has Been Stripped?

  • Are the gears cracked, worn, broken, or missing teeth?

Can I Fix Stripped Gears Myself?

Yes! And it’s quite simple and cheap to do.

For safety: remove the cover from the garage door opener and unplug the opener. Pull the emergency release rope and close the door. Locate the stripped gears.

Now you can work without the door potentially falling on you.

This can be done at home with replacement gear assembly which includes gears, washers, containers of grease for lubrication.

5. The Photo Eye is Misaligned

The photo eye is a safety sensor on your garage door which is meant to detect people or objects in the way of the door. If the photo eye is not aligned correctly, it could be falsely detecting nearby objects and stopping your garage door from opening all the way.

How do I know if the photo eye is misaligned?

  • Do you hear a clicking sound from the door opener?
  • Does a light flash when you try to open the door?

Can I fix the photo eye myself?

You can try a few things at home to get your garage door’s photo eye working properly again. You could try cleaning the eye with a damp cloth or tissue, and checking that there are no large objects obstructing the eye’s view. You can also use a level measure to make sure that both parts of your door’s photo eye are aligned at the same height. If none of these fixes the issue, it may be something for a professional to look into.

6. Power Outage

If your garage door isn’t opening properly, it’s always worth checking whether you have accidentally disconnected the power to the door. This is a surprisingly common source of garage door ‘faults’.

How do I know if there is a power outage?

  • Is the garage door plug disconnected or switched off?
  • Does the garage door not open at all?

Can I fix the power outage myself?

If you’ve accidentally disconnected the power to the garage door, it should be a quick fix to re-connect it and switch the power back on.

7. The Track is Not Properly Aligned

Your garage door is set on metal tracks that allow the door to open smoothly. If these tracks are not properly aligned, the door can stop opening properly or even at all.

How do I know if the track is not properly aligned?

  • Does the door look crooked?
  • Is the door making loud grinding noises when it opens?
  • Does the door jerk around during opening and closing?

Can I fix the track myself?

You can check your garage door tracks visually yourself, looking for bends, kinks, and gaps. You can try realigning the track yourself when the door is closed and shut off from the power by loosening the track, tapping it back into place, and tightening up the screws again. If this doesn’t work, or if your track is already badly damaged, you may need to call an expert.

8. Damaged cables

The cables between your garage door’s motor and the power supply can also become damaged, which will obviously cause your garage door to stop working partially or completely.

How do I know if the cables are damaged?

  • Can you see any damaged or broken wires around the garage door?
  • Does the door stopped opening altogether, or inconsistently?

Can I fix the cables myself?

We don’t recommend that you try to fix broken cables or electrical wires yourself, because this can be very dangerous without proper training. If you can see damaged wires near your garage door, call professionals in to fix them as soon as possible.

9. Failed Motor

Your garage door only works because it has a motor operating it. It’s possible for all motors to fail, particularly after many years of use, and this will cause your garage door to stop working partially or completely.

How do I know if the motor has failed?

  • Is your door’s motor making loud noises when it’s operating?
  • Is your door’s motor not firing up when you try to operate the door?

Can I fix the motor myself?

Unless you have electrical training, it’s probably best to call experts to fix or replace your garage door motor. If your garage door is still under warranty, you could call the manufacturer of the door to receive a free replacement or repair.

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