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How To Fix A Garage Roller Door

Having a working garage roller door is not just a matter of convenience, it is a matter of safety. If there are any issues with your roller door you could find yourself trapped in your own garage. 


Alternatively, it can be used as an access point to your home or business by criminals, making it essential to have them properly serviced and maintained.


A good quality roller door should provide years of reliable service but, like anything mechanical, things can go wrong over time.


Recognising the signs and knowing what to do could help prevent inconvenience and safety issues down the track.

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The Roller Door Won't Open

This might sound like common sense, but on many occasions, the remote is the issue. Try changing the battery, try a different remote and try re-coding the remote to the motor inside your garage. If these steps all fail, then the issue might be with the motor itself or the sensor.


Warning signs that your motor could be failing include laboured functioning, excessive noise when opening the door or that the door is slow to open. 


If your door is not opening smoothly, instead jagging open in stages, this could be another sign that the motor needs immediate attention.

The Door Opens Halfway But Then Closes Again

This indicates an issue in the tracks that the roller door runs along. If there is any obstruction, the sensors will instruct the motor to send the door the other way. Check your tracks for any sign of debris or damage. 


If the rails have become warped or bent, they will need to be repaired or replaced by a professional.


It is advisable to regularly check your tracks anyway to ensure there is no debris building up that could cause issues down the track.

The Door Won't Close

Your garage roller door has sensors that will prevent it from closing if they detect any obstructions underneath the door itself. This is to stop it from closing on your foot, a child or a pet. 


These sensors can be very sensitive and even the slightest obstruction could cause the door to stop closing. Inspect underneath the door for any materials, even things as small as a rock or a leaf.


If the coast is clear, once again this could be a motor issue or a problem with your tracks that need to be inspected by a professional.

The Door Is Very Slow To Open And Close

Like all machinery, roller garage doors need lubrication to run optimally. How long has it been since the roller doors last service? The rollers and tracks are likely in need of a thorough clean and re-lubrication. 


However, a door that is slow to open and close can also indicate that the motor is on its last legs.


It is recommended that you have your garage door inspected and maintained at least annually to prevent these issues from occurring. 


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